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Despite contemporary trends and the current climate, African Americans have a long history of entrepreneurship. Within two decades of abolition, African Americans established several thousand successful businesses that thrived in exclusively African American communities.

With the current pandemic of Covid-19, entrepreneurship in the black community is back on the rise. The mission of Hustle 2 Business is to assist new and experienced black business owners, without business backgrounds, with succeeding in all aspects of a business.  

What better way to execute our mission is there than to educate, support, and uplift? Thus Hustle 2 Business was born. We found that most black-owned businesses start as a side-hustle, over time if it proves to be lucrative, it turns into a legitimate business. The transition from the hustle to a business does not have to be a solo mission into unchartered territory.  


H2B empowers business owners through Expos, Pop-up Shops, and our Business Bootcamp Transition Plan. Our Transition Plan supplies all the fundamental tools and knowledge needed as a business owner at any stage of entrepreneurship. 


As we continue to evolve as a community, our commitment to supporting and showcasing black entrepreneurs grows bigger every day. Join the movement!

You Need A Strategy To Engage Your Greatest Asset, Your People, and Your Communities. Let's make your presence