We believe in black-owned business & black excellence!

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Every business owner is required to be under Contract for Business Consulting Services.


Monthly Meetings & Strategy Sessions

  • 2 scheduled meetings per month

  • Follow up emails

Progress & Goal Tracking App



Do it yourself marketing (up to 2 Zoom training calls per month)


Business Resources

Access to business scaling library


10% discount on all branding and marketing


Direct access to business coach.


Together we navigate challenges, uncover blind-spots and inspire business growth.

We focus on a few areas that brought you to us:


Cash-Flow Problems

Crisis Management or Business Transition

Talent Management

Sales and Revenue Growth

Process Improvements

Personal Accountability (taping into you)

Looking to Strengthen General Business Acumen



The process

  1. Assess the Business and Develop an Action Program

  2. Implement the Action Program

  3. Measure the Outcome

  4. Completion of the Program



There is one business consulting fee for start ups or businesses under 3 years of existence, with 3 payment options:

Fee $1000 per business



$1000 paid in full

6 month plan ($167/mo.)

3 month plan ($334/mo.)


Expanded Business Network

Another overlooked benefit to business consultants? They’ll push you out of your comfort zone — your networking comfort zone, that is. Whether it is a preconceived part of your sessions or a byproduct of your hard work, you will likely grow your business and deepen community connections over the course of your program.

You Need A Strategy To Engage Your Greatest Asset, Your People, and Your Communities. Let's make your presence


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